Why People are Embracing Side-sizing

Side-sizing, Why People are Embracing Side-sizing, Paul Hill Realty
Side-sizing is a little different to downsizing – where typically empty-nesters sell their suburban house and move to a smaller property, often an apartment in a more dynamic location.

Sidesizing is when people move into a property that has the same amount of living space as the one they’ve left behind, but often with way less maintenance.

Side-sizing could mean mean moving from a three-bedroom house on a large block of land to a three-bedroom apartment with a balcony. Or swapping an house that’s at least 40 years old for a
brand new build.

Paul Hill Realty Hope Island is seeing side-sizing from not just those of retirement age. People are not waiting until they are older for a more pleasurable, convenient, and rewarding quality of life. We are seeing it happening when they are in their forties.

Some of the main reasons why people are embracing side-sizing are:

Lower Maintenance

Often, the reason for moving is to swap an older house for something brand new or with lower maintenance. People who retire for example, want to get away from the maintenance and renovation work of the older houses, and have more time to enjoy their golden years.

With modern day society becoming increasingly time-poor, there is growing appeal for the low-maintenance lifestyle that comes with buying an apartment or new build.

Easier to Navigate

Some sidesizers, however, do have one eye on their future needs. They’re a long way off entering an assisted living facility or even retiring, but they want to make it easier on themselves to stay in
their own home as they age.

People aren’t necessarily having trouble with the size of the home. It could be that the yard work is harder for them to cope with because of either their health, age, or they’re just time poor. Or
maybe they don’t fancy taking the stairs as they age. A apartment with an elevator, or single storey house, means that getting around is easier day to day.

Space for Enjoyment

When we think of empty nesters, we often think of those who no longer need much living space and are happy to downsize to a two bedroom apartment. But just because their children have left
home doesn’t mean they don’t still need the space.

People want to still have the space for their children and grandchildren to come and stay. They want to entertain. Also, so many people have a hobby that they need space for. So, they still want that four-bedroom home, or three bedrooms plus a study, because they want to use one as a hobby room.

After all, this is a stage of life in which people tend to have more valued possessions, not less. In addition, they have more time to entertain, and are often spending more time in the home as they
are not commuting to and from work anymore.

Maintaining enough living space to feel comfortable means having the best of both worlds.

An Easier Family Life

Empty nesters aren’t the only ones side-sizing, either. Many people who still have Children in the house are likewise making the switch. Some have actually chosen to buy a townhouse and rent it out while still living in the family home, with the plan to move-in later.

Others are choosing to make a move sooner rather than later. Busy parents, after all, can greatly benefit from a lower maintenance home in a great location with easy access to amenities just as
readily as a retiree.

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