Use Professional Photography to Market Your Rental Property, Use Professional Photography to Market Your Rental Property, Paul Hill Realty

Why use a Professional Photographer to market Rental Properties?

Professional photography is something that numerous owners only consider when they are looking at selling their property. Photography is often disregarded as a waste of money when listing their property for rent. We at Paul Hill Realty disagree.

The rental market is competitive. You’ve got just seconds to catch a possible tenant’s eye. As they browse through the online property listings. “You never have a second chance to make a first impression”. That is very applicable when marketing your residential rental property.

Below we’ve listed the reasons why we recommend that landlords gain the services of a professional real estate photographer to market your rental property:

Properties with Professional Photos Rent Faster

When your property remains vacant it means a loss of rental income every week that it sits empty. We highly suggest using professional photography as it has been demonstrated time and time again that it does assist in renting properties sooner.

Professional photos draw more attention to your listing, which results in more enquiries and inspections from possible tenants.

Getting professional photos taken of your rental property is a small investment of just $120.   Professional photos can mean the difference of losing weeks of rental income and securing your next tenant quickly.  Without a doubt properties with professional photos rent faster.

Professional Photos Show your Property in its Best Light

A skilled real estate photographer will shoot professional photos that improve the appeal of your property require a comprehension of lighting, which may be a major factor in making spaces look clean and welcoming and generate the desired atmosphere for your property.

Poor quality photos taken with bad lighting demean your property by making it appear compact and dim, that’s a turn-off for possible tenants.

Real estate photographers also understand the way to use angles and have experience in styling and staging properties for photoshoots. It’s all about making rental properties appear as attractive and clutter-free as possible.

Wide-angle lens shots will show more of the features and layout of the property. With today’s large fridges, lounge suites and televisions, tenants want to see if their belongings will fit in comfortably in the space.

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Professional Photos Attract a Higher Quality of Tenant

In a competitive rental market, the quality of the photos in your listing will certainty attract better quality tenants and will guarantee you achieve a premium rent.

We live in a world of online marketing. Quality photos with an elegantly composed copy to ultimately attract better quality tenants and will often achieve the premium rent. Have a look online, you will see so many poor quality and poorly composed photos taken on a smartphone showing clutter, untidy landscaping, cars in photos blocking the view of the front house, etc.

Poor quality and poorly composed photos send the wrong message to the potential tenant. While professional photos generate more interest in your property and attract more applications. In turn, allows your property manager to be very selective about whom to recommend to you as a preferred tenant.

Professional Photos Can be Used Later When Selling Property

If you’ve got any intention of selling the property at some point in the future, a set of professional photographs showing the house at its best are often used.

Your selling agent will be able to use the photos not only for online advertising but also in any print media. Ultimately attracting the outcome of a superior sale than photos of poorer quality.

Professional Photos are Just a Smart Investment

Professional photos are considered a tax deduction and if nothing significant has changed in your property, the photos also can be reused for future rentals. This can be very helpful if your current tenants don’t properly present the home or are unwilling to permit photographs while still within the residence.

High-quality photos taken can also become an important part of the property’s accurate entry condition report.

Professional photography isn’t an extravagance these days, it’s a necessity, with research suggesting that professionally photographed properties receive far greater levels of enquires, are rented faster and for a greater rental return than those properties that are not.

If you’re curious about having your investment property professionally photographed, please speak to your Property Manager and that they can arrange a photographer to capture your property, with amazing results.

Paul Hill Realty has built up a reputation of giving exceptional service as well as going above and beyond the normal expectations that a property investor can expect.

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