To sell my property, what must I do??

sell my property, To sell my property, what must I do??, Paul Hill Realty

We all understand the market has changed. Prices have increased but buyers are still out there. Values are historically high compared to a few years ago, meaning there is still an opportunity for most owners to sell their property and achieve a significant capital gain.

Do I sell my property? Or do I hold off for now?

The choice of whether or not to sell your property really boils down to your answer to the following question: “What will you do with the money you make from the sale?”

Selling may free up capital that can; increase your independence, reduce risk or liability, or allow you the ability to invest in other assets… like a larger home, an investment property, or a new business venture.

In short, selling is worthwhile if it allows you to do what you want to do.

Several owners that wish to sell may delay putting their property on the market and wait for buyer demand to improve. It should be noted that it is extremely difficult to predict the movements of the property market.

Prices might rise, fall, or plateau for an extended period. So, it’s a good idea to find out what’s right for you now. Instead of trying to predict the unpredictable.

Maximise your chances of success

Once you’ve decided to sell, the following steps you can be taken to increase your chances of securing a buyer in a timely manner.

Step 1. Prepare well before placing your property on the market.

Get your property prepared by:

  • Taking care of any minor repairs that may appear in a home inspection report.
  • Clean-up and then maintain your landscaping.
  • Repaint property inside and out if paintwork appears to be worn.
  • Research what else is on the market in your area to get an idea of what your competition could be.
  • Review recent property sales in your area – Paul Hill Realty Hope Island can help you with this. By doing this you will get a better understanding of the current market in your area and will help you make informed real estate decisions.

Step 2. Find a real estate salesperson with a plan.

Talk with a real estate professional who understands today’s market and has the right approach. You’ll want someone with a positive mindset to help you maximise the result. Look no further than Paul Hill Realty.

Step 3. Marketing strategy.

Decide on a marketing plan that will attract many buyers, while also not putting a cap on your potential sale price. The more buyers you have, the more competition you’ll have, and a higher selling price will be achieved.

We at Paul Hill Realty can work with you to create a plan for your property that increases your odds of creating a competitive situation that results in the best possible sale price for you.

Step 4. Standout from the crowd by investing in marketing.

You can do this by using all available advertising / promotional tools that you can. By investing in marketing, it will help you to attract potential buyers and maintain interest in your property.

Step 5. Be flexible and patient.

It may take a little longer to sell when the buyer frenzy subsides. When this happens, you need to be patient and stick with the process. Just keep reminding yourself ‘why you’re selling in the first place.’

Ready to talk about your selling property goals?

Paul Hill Realty specialises in helping sellers adapt to the ever-changing property market. With our extensive database of buyers, we can put you in a position to succeed. Get in touch today and let’s talk about your real estate goals.

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