Outdoor Sanctuary, The Block Landscaper’s Tips to Creating an Outdoor Sanctuary, Paul Hill Realty

Down-to-earth landscaper Dale Vine a former contestant on The Block, says there’s an easier way to turn the outdoors into a sanctuary and he has seven tips to get there.

Mr Vine said one of the most cost-effective ways to transform outdoor spaces into sanctuaries was to fix the lawn.

“It’s amazing what new turf can do in transforming your outdoor space. It’s affordable, can add value to your home and is the ultimate family-friendly surface,” he said.”

“With many of us now spending more time at home, it’s the outdoor areas and fresh air that’ll have the biggest impact on your mood – so important in these unpredictable times.”

Below are Dale Vine’s tips for those choosing to have a go at creating an outdoor sanctuary themselves:

1. Take your time

Live in the space for a while so you can get a sense of its function and what it needs to fit your family’s lifestyle.

2. Make a list

List all your wants for your backyard space in order of priority, including the amount of space you want to be turfed, so you can allocate your budget accordingly.

3. Budget

Make your budget clear, track costs as you go and always allocate at least half to trade’s labour costs for tasks such as landscaping.

4. Create a mood board

Bring your design together in a visual way by collating images of inspiring lawns or DIYs to give your backyard renovation a clear direction. This serves as a great point of reference for you or your landscaper.

5. Buy second hand

Create savings by sourcing items such as outdoor furniture on Marketplace or similar, so you have more cash for valuable elements like turf or a landscaper.

6. DIY

Any work you can do yourself will save paying a tradesperson to do so, this could be as simple as pulling up old turf or weeds from your backyard.

7. Shop around

Get multiple quotes to compare costs and always request photos of your potential tradie’s landscaping or turf laying work for example.

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