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Thinking of Renting a Smaller Property here’s some Advantages.

Australians are famous for having some of the largest homes (214.1 m2 on average) on the planet. Be that as it may, an expanding number of us are re-evaluating the size of our homes. Things being what they are, there are numerous valid justifications to think smaller, not greater in size, with regards to where and how we live.

The ‘downsizer’ label usually invokes a specific picture in one’s mind – a grey/ silver-haired couple rattling around in a large home that their grown-up children have long since left.  While it’s true that many downsizers are empty nesters, each individual or couple of any age group have their own reasons for choosing smaller homes.

This could be because they want to live in more close proximity to the CBD for work or for the cultural attractions, nightlife, cafes, restaurants and public transport.

Downsizing has a number of key advantages not just for empty nesters, but for us all as living large doesn’t always mean bigger is better.

If you love saving money, energy, resources and enjoy saving time on the upkeep of a home, downsizing your home may be the answer.

Here are 6 advantages of renting a property that is smaller…

1. Less Things

There is an issue with space in houses: you need to fill it. As a rule, you won’t have any desire to just have vast expanses of nothing and will require buying things like furnishings, carpets, artwork/ statues and more to add colour/ personality to these areas.

This means you won’t only be paying more per week to rent the bigger house, you should also consider these additional expenses too.

2. Save Money and Stress

By downsizing, you’ll have increased your cash flow and require less time input when it comes to keeping the property clean and tidy – which all help reduce stress. This frees you up for fun, spending time with family, getting more rest and simply making the most of your home rather than being a slave to it.

3. Spaced out

On the chance that you have a family, there are a few advantages that could result when renting a smaller home – family members are more inclined to be organised, bond, and compromise with each other.

There’s nothing like sharing a bathroom and a bedroom especially a closet with a sibling or two to learn how to share and be patient…let alone the fun of having someone to converse with late at night.

A cosier home can often lead the way to a happier family life.

4. Energy Bills

Energy bills, which are continuing to climb, is nothing to shake a finger at.

Considering that larger homes require more power to stay either warm or cool. You could shave quite a bit off your energy bill by just living in a smaller home.

Besides, you’ll be doing your part for the earth by devouring less energy.

5. Start of a New Chapter

By downsizing and reducing your costs, it can often mean you have the extra money in the bank that can be spent on you to enhance your lifestyle. Maybe it’s a trip to one of your bucket list destinations, or a yearly visit to the family interstate.

Likewise, travelling can be less of an issue when you have downsized, particularly if you live in a unit as you can typically secure it and go. As opposed to worrying about guaranteeing your home has enough security while when you’re gone.

By living in a smaller home, it will often greatly decrease your consumer consumption as if there is no place to put it, you’re much less likely to buy it.  That means less money is spent on clothing, consumer goods and wasted food. Which means more money that can be used on living and making memories.

6. Retirement and Downsizing

Do you have no kids left home and you’re finding yourself rattling around in a house that’s too big? Downsizing can help!

There are the practical advantages of downsizing your home for retirement and moving to a smaller house, as it’s easier to keep on top of any upkeep, especially as your level of mobility starts to reduce as you age.

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