6 Simple Methods for Enhancing your Home in One Weekend

Enhancing your Home in One Weekend, 6 Simple Methods for Enhancing your Home in One Weekend, Paul Hill Realty

For property owners preparing to place their property on the market, the extra time spent at home due to Covid-19 is ensuring that home improvements and repairs become their sole focus.

We’ll show you which home improvements you should focus on to capitalise in the current booming market. Provided your property has good bones, you can forego significant renovations and adhere to these methods alone.

These simple methods don’t just deliver a high rate of return; they can be accomplished in one long weekend.

1. Invigorate your walls with a layer of paint

Paint is an incredible method for increasing the value of any kind of property and is additionally one of the simplest and quickest ways of doing so. The good news is that this is one home improvement that’s friendly on the hip pocket – assuming you have a touch of extra time and a bucket load of persistence, you can undoubtedly paint your home yourself.

A coat of fresh paint in a modern and widely appealing colour palette can net you a return of tens of thousands of dollars extra.

Simply ensure you get the tones right – on the off chance that you pick loud, overly unique, and garish colours, you could diminish your home’s value and turn buyers off, keep it neutral. Most popular paint brands and their stores will offer a colour consultation service. For those uncertain, this is a shrewd investment.

Assuming you’d prefer to employ a professional, you can still do that. Just expect to pay a rate between $10-$40 per square metre, including the ceiling. Prices will vary depending on where you live, and it’s additionally great to remember that extra finishes, feature walls or the finicky painting of detailed art deco features could cost you more.

2. Zero in on areas that increase ‘perceived value’

A major part of enhancing a property when you’re selling is increasing the ‘perceived value’ of a space. This incorporates things like home styling and creating the look of a lifestyle that people want a piece of. That is the reason when you truly do choose to sell your property, the methodology should be more like a business proposition than an emotional one.

Now if you’re not quite ready to sell yet want to start to increase your home’s value for when you are ready. These are the few things you can do…

Create the illusion of space

This means having lighter painted walls, lighter flooring colours, mirrors, plenty of light, and arranging furniture in a way that doesn’t overwhelm a room. De-clutter as much as possible.

Tackle your home’s curb appeal

There’s no denying that curb appeal is significant when you want buyers to walk through your front door. How your home looks on the outside impacts how people perceive the inside, so it’s smart to make an incredible first impression.

You can:

  • Paint your fencing, railings, or front door
  • Replace letter boxes or hardware
  • Utilise garden lighting around paths, against fencing or tall trees and shrubs
  • Install container or window flower boxes and fill them with colourful flowers
  • Clean, paint or even replace house guttering

3. Update your kitchen

It’s a given that the kitchen is the hub and heart of one’s home. There is a lot of truth to the adage that a great kitchen will sell a home, so refreshing it will without a doubt enhance the house’s value.

However, consider the possibility that you don’t have the time nor finances for a total kitchen remodel. Fortunately, you can give your kitchen new life without sacrificing your sanity or your bank account.

Here are some ideas and options:

Vinyl flooring

For an easy update, you can consider using budget-flooring materials such as vinyl. It is stain and scratch resistant, and has a cushiony feeling underfoot. Considering this it is generally acknowledged that it’s a safer option for families with young children.

Even though vinyl can be purchased and installed on a budget, it doesn’t need to look cheap. Thankfully technology has gifted us with vinyl sheets and tiles that look convincingly like more expensive materials such as wood and stone – and at the fraction of the price.

Update tired benchtops

If your benchtops look somewhat worn out, a simple and budget-friendly option is laminate. It is one of the most popular materials across the country because of its wide scope of colours, patterns and finishes that can mimic more ‘luxury’ materials.

Paint wooden cabinetry

Assuming your cabinetry needs an update it very well may be a candidate for painting. If you’re uncertain about whether your cabinetry is alright to paint, you can remove one of the doors and take it to your local hardware store or paint shop and consult with someone who has more expertise.

4. High pressure clean old surfaces

Nothing says neglect like a dirty looking house. Regardless of the type of home you have, it will always look cared for if it is kept clean. Pressure cleaners are a great way to remove things like dirt, mildew, and oil from a variety of surfaces to make them look clean and like new again.

Over a weekend it’s perfectly achievable to hire a high-pressure water cleaner and tackle surfaces like:

  • Yard pavers
  • Outdoor decks
  • Driveways and carport/ garage floors
  • The grout in between bricks and outdoor tiles

Ensure you do plenty of research so you know exactly what attachments, water pressure and detergents you will require for different surfaces This is significant as you would rather not wind up causing any damage to your home.

Obviously, if your budget permits, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. The average cost for this is around $150 – $250 for anywhere up to 40 square metres.

5. Renew your outdoor living areas

Each space in your home ought to be comfortable, easy on the eye and functional – yes, even your outdoor spaces. A lovely outside space that functions as an extended living area/ room, will add instant value to your home.

You can:

  • Refinish an existing deck
  • Install a budget deck – if you’re handy on the tools, you may be able to do this yourself
  • Stain and polish tired outdoor furniture
  • Utilise brightening decorative accents like outdoor cushions, colourful pots, and lanterns
  • Plant trees that can provide shade, screening, and privacy

6. Invest some time in gardening

A neglected garden can lower your home’s value by somewhere between 5-15%

Landscaping and gardening can add tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of value to your property. Dissimilar to other kinds of home improvements, it not only adds instant value, but it is also the gift that keeps on giving.

A well thought-out garden will literally add more value year on year as trees mature and provide those much sought after qualities like shade, privacy and screening.

And if you’re looking to sell your home, the right agent will be able to advise you on what areas of your home you should focus on before listing your property for sale. If you haven’t yet found the right agent for you, find a quality real estate agent that you can trust at Paul Hill Reality.

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