The team here at Paul Hill Realty Hope Island, Gold Coast would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. This short video from the RTA about Festive Season Tips.

With the year’s end quickly drawing closer, the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) has recorded a webinar with their top tips and reminders to help tenants plan for a safe, secure and enjoyable holiday season.

In this webinar, the RTA examines tenants rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 around common festive situations for example, hosting gatherings, putting up holiday decorations, going away and more.

Top tips for tenants this festive season…

Gatherings/ Parties

Excessively noisy gatherings can prompt neighbours to make noise complaints. So it’s vital to find a balance between your right to enjoy a gathering in your home with your neighbour’s entitlement to harmony and security.


All tenancy and rooming agreements outline the number of approved tenants permitted in the property or room. While an overnight guest may be viewed as reasonable, a more extended term guest may be viewed by the property manager/ owner as an unapproved inhabitant.

If you are uncertain, it’s a smart idea to check with the property manager to find out what they consider reasonable.


The festive season supplies the occasion for everybody to put up decorations up both in and outside the home. You need to amend any marks, holes or damage to the property or lawns from the holiday decorations after they have been removed.

On the chance that you plan on utilising an assortment of lighting and electrical decorations, it is suggested that you check the electrical cords are undamaged and ensure that no power points or power boards are overloaded.

Repair and maintenance over the holiday period

It’s suggested that you report any repair or maintenance issues to your property manager/owner as they happen to permit additional time to address any issues. Also to ensure you can both plan and evade the last-minute rush.

Tradespeople and businesses providing parts might be shut for their annual holiday and this could cause delays.

Going away for the holidays

If you are going away on holidays you still need to fulfil your tenancy commitments while away. This includes guaranteeing your rent is paid when due, or you may think about paying it advance.

A home that looks unattended can be seen as an easy target for opportunist intruders. Securing the property, locking entryways and windows, having a someone to gather your mail or take care of your plants and yard which may help decrease the chance of a break-in.

For additional peace of mind, think about making a checklist of everything you require to do and mark them off before leaving.

Getting ready for storm season

Queensland summertime means that natural disasters could be practically around the corner – regardless of whether they are bushfires, heatwaves, storms, cyclones or floods.

Recently, the RTA collaborated with Get Ready Queensland to give valuable information on emergency preparations for property owners and tenants. When a natural disaster occurs, being readied can make things easier for everyone. For more information, visit

Paul Hill Realty wishes all our clients a happy and safe holiday season!