Living by the Water Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

Living by the Water Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

We realise that living on the Gold Coast offers an awesome way of life however did you realise that our brilliant coastal location could be the key to endless happiness?

Doctors from the Victorian era used to prescribe ‘sea air’ as a cure for a wide range of malaise and ailments.

Be that as it may, nowadays it’s official. Living by water has been proven to improve one’s health and increase overall happiness.

Below is a list of three different ways ‘Living by Water’ can improve one’s health and happiness:

Breathe In

Luckily even if you don’t live right on the water, you’ll discover a seashore (beach) only a short drive from anywhere on the Gold Coast. A weekend outing or evening visit after work may be the thing you need if you’re feeling a little jaded.

Sea air is charged with negative ions. These assist your body to absorb oxygen, improve readiness, and battle free radicals. It seems like those Doctors from the Victorian era knew exactly what they were talking about.

Sleep Deeply

It’s a well-known fact a decent night’s sleep plays an essential role in your physical health. You might be resting, yet your body is active, carrying out critical functions, including muscle recovery, memory consolidation and hormone release.

On the off chance that your rest is cut short, these critical functions are interrupted, which can detrimentally affect your health.

So, where does living by water come into the equation?
Indeed, sea air is cleaner and fresher, with more significant levels of oxygen that can assist with improving your sleep. There’s a reason why many day spas play the relaxing sounds of waves during massage treatments. It’s all very soothing and tranquil.

Jump In & Play

When you live by the water you can’t help but dive into physical activity. Swimming, boating and splashing around are part of everyday life on the Gold Coast. Even if you’re not one for grabbing your swimmers, you might enjoy a climb in the Tamborine Mountains or Springbrook National Park to relax and recharge.

Only thirty minutes of brisk action each day can add years to your life and generally have a positive effect on your mental health as well as your physical.

Are you ready to move nearer to the water and discover the key to endless happiness for yourself?

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