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House Unpacking and Organising Tips from Paul Hill Realty Hope Island

So you have sorted and packed up your old home, and now it’s time to unpack in the new one.

With such an enormous task ahead of you….
Do you know where to begin? What should to be tended to first? What do you do if your old stuff doesn’t exactly fit in your new home?

Beneath Paul Hill Realty Hope Island shares tips on unpacking and organising your new home:

Pack to Unpack

When packing, you really need to consider how you’ll unload those things in your new home. This commonly means keeping ‘like’ things together.

Pack by category or by location of where you want things to go. If you have a shelf in your cupboard that is all bakeware, pack all that together so it can be unpacked together at the new house.

Mapping out where your stuff will go in your new house will be an immense assistance with regards to planning your packing and finally in your unpacking.

This brings us to…

Make a Plan

Don’t show up to your new home with all your boxes and no thought of where everything should go.

Instead create a plan to ensure that your new home can accommodate everything, as it makes the unpacking process much easier. That means creating a map of the space of each room and make sure you know where things are going to go. This needs to incorporate the measurements of all your furniture and appliances.

Drawing out your space to scale is maybe the most dependable approach to this step. However, you could likewise make lists of items to go in each space, then mark them with post-it notes.

For instance, each part of a cabinet could say [on post-it notes] where the coffee cups or glasses are going to live.

Get Your Utilities Set up in Advance

As soon as you arrive at the new house you will need to have your utilities and internet set up. Luckily, most of this can be organised in advance.

You need to ensure you have changed over your internet and utilities. As there’s more terrible than arriving and not having these things set up or more regrettable, receiving a bill months later for the electricity you neglected to cancel at your last house.

What to Unpack First

Unpack the most vital things first, which is probably most of your kitchen as well as your mattresses.

On the off chance that you get advance admittance to your home prior to moving day, try to get as much set up as possible in the vital living zones. This might mean having most of the kitchen set up so that on moving day so you won’t have to eat out of takeaway containers with plastic utensils.

Think about what you and maybe your children have coming up – school, work, sporting events – as this may fall into the vital category.

Laying Out Your New Home

The kitchen is can be the biggest challenge when it comes to organising and laying out your items. It holds a lot of stuff which is used daily or weekly. So figuring where each item is going to live is a puzzle you need to solve.

Think about where an item has a purpose.  So, when you think about your space, then think about these questions ‘what do I require close to the cooktop?’ ‘Do I want my herbs and spices and oils there?’ ‘I’m probably going to need my pots and pans near to that area…’

Ensure sure you’re not running in circles or from one end of the kitchen to the other to perform a simple task. Staying in one spot and being able to reach for an item and put it back again straightaway will keep things organised for longer as well.

How to De-clutter

People don’t generally have the opportunity to sort through everything before they pack it to more. Frequently the decluttering occurs when unpacked at the new house.

Additionally, it’s often the situation that people don’t realise how well (or not well) something fits or feels in their new house until it is unpacked. So decluttering, refining and letting go of stuff frequently occurs on the unpacking end.

Be prepared to sell [the item] on Gumtree or post it on the local ‘buy, swap and sell’ Facebook page, and then find something you want.

Now apply the same rule to your boxes and packaging – get old packing boxes second-hand online (e.g. Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace), instead of buying new ones.

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