pet friendly property with dog sitting on loungeLots of people love pets, yet, when it involves permitting them into your investment property, that ardour can subside. A pet-friendly rental property, nevertheless, is often preferred. As it can command a higher rent than a non-pet-friendly rental property because of the demand of tenants searching for a property they can share with their furry friends.

With the growing demand and legislative changes, it will make it harder for investors who don’t want pets on their property to omit pet owners from the tenant pool. You don’t want to close your door to people who might be great tenants and could sign up for a longer lease term. The perfect solution to minimise the chances of any pet damage is to pet-proof your investment property in advance of leasing it out.

To minimise flooring damage from pets we recommend hard-wearing flooring, like tiles, over highly polished timber that can get scratched or carpet that can be frayed by both dogs and cats. Wallpaper is likewise not a wise decision. However, your property will be in great demand if you have a yard of any size e.g. courtyard and/ or enclosed outdoor area.

Those leasing out their property on short-term holiday-let platforms can also be more anxious about allowing pets, as there’s a greater turnover of tenants. Consequently, the bulk do not permit pets. If they do they have a tendency to charge higher cleaning fees for a deeper clean at the end of each booking and in some cases a bigger security deposit.

If an investor wants to allow pets, Paul Hill Realty Hope Island suggests that you evaluate on a case-by-case basis to decide on the ideal tenant. But it’s most definitely an opportunity to obtain even more bookings, as numerous people nowadays like to take their pets with them on holiday.

As a pet-friendly property investor you need to keep the following in mind:

– Your fences need to be secure, which means that there are no inviting dig spots under fences, and the gates have no small gaps where a smaller dog or pup could push through.
– Pets might likewise intensify any holes in floorboards as well as it could be dangerous if small dogs or cats try to squeeze through. So, these need to be filled in or replaced if really defective.
– For furnished properties, specifically, there are some clever products on the market that can keep hanging blind/ curtain cords out of reach of pet’s curious mouths, noses, and paws. In addition, prior to putting in any kind of indoor plants, see to it they’re not poisonous for cats or dogs.

It might be much less difficult not to permit pets initially however that may not be so smart in the long term. Paul Hill Realty knows that some of the best tenants in the investment properties we manage, are those that have pets. As they love their pets and are often happy to stay longer, and finally can often be more mindful of the condition they leave the property after the lease ends than those without pets.

For those who are looking to engage an experienced property management for their investment property whether it’s pet-friendly or not, contact us today!

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