How to Add Value to Home Prior to Selling

Add Value to Home Prior to Selling, How to Add Value to Home Prior to Selling, Paul Hill Realty

The Important Things Many House Owners Don’t Consider

Majority of homeowners that Paul Hill Realty Hope Island has talked to recognise that presentation of one’s property can have a substantial impact on their final sale price.

When it pertains to enhancing that presentation element, a homeowners mind normally leaps to the areas in their home that they spend the most time in, like kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms – when deciding where to spend money.

In truth, if you intend to maximise your return on both your invested time and money, there are various other elements of the home where you ought to be concentrating on first.

Let’s delve into those possibilities…

No.1 Way to Add Value: Iron out outstanding approvals

See to it that all your paperwork is up to date. You can have the finest house decking or grand home extension. But if there is an outstanding approval, or work that wasn’t permitted to be done in the first place – then that might gravely alter your sale price.

As a seller your first job is to check on the status of your property with your local council to make sure everything is up to date before you even think about during renovation.

If you do discover an issue, then do seek advice from your solicitor, local council, as well as any tradies associated with the work in order to learn what is required to be done to complete the sign-off process.

Right now, you might be saying to yourself:
‘Why would I worry? We bought the house like this.’.

The trouble is, now days financial intuitions commonly will not lend on properties with significant outstanding consent issues.

It matters not just how wonderful your kitchen is if a potential buyer can’t borrow money to buy your home. Which should be very important to you!

No.2 Way to Add Value: Make repairs to things that are overdue to have a hassle-free building inspection process.

Having the boring maintenance jobs completed is often where you get the most out of your money. Absolutely nothing slows down a real estate sale process greater than contracts crashing over a bad building inspection report.

Prior to selling, eliminate any possible obstacles by sorting out problems before they are flagged by the building inspector.

You could do this by buying your own building inspection, in order to discover all the things that need to be done.

So, that you can work on getting the work completed before your house goes on the property market. Get the house in order as the sale depends on it, as a buyer will order a building inspection that you want to pass.

No.3 Way to Add Value: Sort out your homes curb appeal.

Stand on the street outside and view your property it like a potential buyer would. What stands out to you? What would attract a buyers attention, good or bad?

Pay attention to making this initial impression as inviting as you can by having clear clean paths, trimmed hedges, painted fences, and have a bop of colour in your well-maintained flowerbed if you can, all these things help to create a welcoming feel.

Now undergo the exact same process in other key areas of your home.

Often, a few potted plants and a bit of targeted paint touch-ups are all you need to make a house seem more like a well cared for home.

No.4 Way to Add Value: A lick of Paint for profit.

When it pertains to adding value, you are unlikely to come across anything that offers a better return on investment than giving one’s home a lick of paint. Concentrate on key areas of the home that develop wear and tear such as window frames, doorways, steps as well as the fencing.

Go for neutral, light tones when choosing paint – makes it easier for the potential buyers at open houses to picture their furniture in the space and what they can do to mark the property as their own.

No.3 Way to Add Value: Finally, let’s talk kitchens and bathrooms.

Given that you have already handled the key areas, it’s time to move on to spaces in your home like your kitchen and bathroom(s). However try to remain objective.

Understand that often it’s far better to offer a clean, working canvas so that your buyer can put their stamp on it. As opposed to a full complete renovation in a style they might not care for.

In some cases, a lick of paint is all you might really require. While in some cases new fixtures can make all the difference. These areas ought to be dealt with on a case by case basis as every residence is different.

Paul Hill Realty can help you decide how far to go in your pre-sale renovation, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to book a consultation and we can talk through the options together.

There are great deal of ways you can add value to your home. Yet frequently the most efficient options are the somewhat uninteresting ones… Resolving problems before they come up and ensuring that your potential buyer’s have a great first impression.

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