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The perfect home office can help to sell a home

With an ever-increasing number of individuals deciding to work from home. Home office spaces have increased in importance with many home buyer’s.

To create a home office you need to find a versatile area in the home. Then set about transforming it to create a home office. In this article by Paul Hill Realty Hope Island, we’ll share some home office tips. Things to consider when transforming an area of the home into a workable home office space.

How to create the perfect home office, that can help to sell a home

Creating a Separate Space

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have that spare bedroom to transform into a home office. However, that doesn’t mean you need to do without that home office. Consider the landing area in a two-storey home. Or that large entryway these can be converted to a working space. Large lounge or living rooms can be very workable as a home office – by the use of screening, you can partition off a section of the room. You probably won’t miss the space the home office uses. The bonus is it adds that extra feature to your home when selling.

Also, consider how a garage space or outbuildings can be converted into a home office space. It can be a relatively cost-effective way of making a home office. Even if you don’t want the extra costs of doing a conversion before you sell your home. Seriously consider clearing out the clutter and setting aside a designated area that can be used as an office. This will serve to convince your buyers that it can be done!

Smart Storage

Normally, a home office can get messy. Looking cluttered from files, paperwork etc. The smart solution is declutter your space. In fact, declutter the complete house before listing on the market. Decluttering will make the house more homely, roomier and look surprisingly cleaner.

Investing in some smart storage solution will help. Partition of a section of the linen or broom closet. Put your filling cabinets and extra shelving in the garage or under the stairs. This will help you keep your home and workspace tidy and appealing to your buyers.

Home Office Furniture

Just picture yourself as the buyer who wants to work from home. Would an old dining room table and a chair be your idea of an office?

Invest in a simple neat desk and comfortable office-style chair here are a few examples – https://www.amartfurniture.com.au/office/office-desks/

Fast Internet

Critical in the twenty-first century is good internet connections. Reliable and fast Wifi is important in any office. Buyers who want to work from home are looking for fast broadband and good cellular coverage. If you have reliable, superfast NBN, broadband or Wifi signal make sure our agents know about it!

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