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The battle for space is real. Several property owners are looking for methods to increase space as well as thinking up new ways to add additional space. It may be a study, a visitor’s bedroom or rumpus for the youngsters.

Whatever it is, there are methods to use to discover that Holy Grail of extra space in your home.

Declutter (to the max)

As we’ve stated before, decluttering is the simplest method to make more space.
Some individuals vouch for the three-bag system, which is one for throwing away, a second for giving away and a third for keeping.

While others follow the KonMari Method™ that encourages people to keep the possessions that speak to their heart, and discard things that no longer spark joy.

Additionally, some make decluttering a challenge by going against a timer for their cleanathon, or enjoyable by playing their favourite music or taking before-and-after photos to share on social media.
Whatever your preferred decluttering style, get it done and you’ll wish you’d decluttered earlier.

Multi-purpose areas

Discovering ways for rooms to be divided up to become a multi-purpose room has become a common craze through COVID-19 lockdowns. The many hours spent indoors has inspired individuals to be innovative with rooms as well as utilising the nooks within their homes.

A study nook can be placed under staircases or into wardrobes, but only if clothing is organised into a storage system that allows space. A larger living space can be divided in two or more separate sections by utilising room dividers, such as freestanding screens, which creates a multi-purpose room that allows furniture to be repositioned easily.


Extending may or may not be an economical method to resolve your space troubles. You could discover it’s an expensive option once council permits are taken into consideration; it depends on the existing house foundations you desire to build upon as well as adjoin to.

An extension or remodel can likewise unearth existing problems that may throw a costly spanner in the works. It’s best to do your due diligence way in advance of getting your hopes up.

Knock-down rebuild

Knock-down rebuilds are a fantastic method to both get extra space and start afresh. As the name suggests, a knock-down rebuild entails knocking down an existing house to reconstruct a home from the ground up on the very same block of land.

It’s frequently the optimal option for those that have a lengthy checklist of features they would certainly want to alter concerning their home.

A great deal of houses that have been around for 20+ years can be rather tiny and also do not have a great deal of adaptability.

Want to gain wonderful ideas on what you can do regarding your knock-down rebuild?
Just attend some open homes to go through some brand new houses on the property market. It could be a two-storey house that offers you a great deal more space, whether it is two additional bedrooms and a bathroom, or an inclusion of a visitor bedroom/ office, bathroom, and rumpus for the youngsters.

Some choose to stay with family members while the brand-new house is under construction, while others find a property locally to rent out. The outcome is a new house with sparkly new fixtures as well as installations. You’re undoubtedly obtaining a brand-new home with plenty extra space, not just a little extra space you would certainly gain and compromises that come with an extension.

With an knock-down rebuild you’re likely going to end with a better insulated home made from higher-quality materials, and you’re most likely to have even more space, that could mean having more bedrooms, an added living area, an updated kitchen and bathrooms, as well as much more storage space.

There’s an array of methods to choose from when it comes to making extra space at your home. As you consider everything, be certain to think about exactly how long-term your property adjustments will be required as well as whether they are tailored for the future of your family.

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