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Open House Tips from Paul Hill Realty Hope Island

As people keep scrambling to buy a property, open houses have become increasingly more common.

Though you can probably think of better ways to spend your weekends, Open Houses are necessary and are a great way for you to suss out the competition and dig beyond the listing data.

Below Paul Hill Realty Hope Island has listed some Etiquette Don’ts to not do when you attend your next open house:

1. Park in the Driveway.

Don’t park in the driveway of the open house, find a place up the street instead and walk back to the property.

2. Monopolise the Agent’s Time.

If the real estate agent is busy, pick up one of the A4 property information sheets by the door and go on a self-guided tour. Then later see if the agent is free for a chat or get them to phone you.

3. Loudly Criticise the Property

It’s normal to find flaws in a property at an open house, but it’s rude to walk around loudly criticising everything you see. 

If the property didn’t meet your expectations, save that conversation for the ride home or call the agent after the open house to discuss any issues.

As you don’t know who may be listening to you criticise the property – the seller, a neighbour and a friend?

4. Sticky beak.

There’s a difference between taking a quick look at how deep a bathroom cupboard or pantry is and being a sticky beak, going through someone’s personal possessions e.g. fridge and drawers.

Also if you encounter a closed door, ask the agent before entering.

5. Bring Food and Drink.

It’s common courtesy not to bring food and drinks into the open house as it could make a mess.

6. Allow Children to Run Wild.

If you bring children along to an open house – you need to ensure they are not touching things they shouldn’t, running wild and jumping on furniture.

You need to keep in mind that the property is not your home – yet.

Also don’t put the agent in the position of the babysitter, as it’s not their job.

7. Use the Bathroom.

It can be seen as rude to use the bathroom after it’s been fully cleaned and staged to perfection for prospective buyers.

Instead, please wait and go to the bathroom at a McDonalds.

Happy house hunting!

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