Rental Application, Top Tips for a Triumphant Rental Application, Paul Hill RealtyIntroduce Yourself as an Ideal Tenant in Your Rental Application

Depending on where you live and what your budget is, the rental market on the Gold Coast can be unforgiving. It is tougher than ever currently to secure a good rental property as competition is very tough.   Getting your rental application right is essential if you want yours at the top of the pile!

If you attend a rental inspection with a lot of other potential applications, you must be concerned your rental application and how it presents to property agents and owners. In such a competitive environment, having your bond, first month’s rent and a list of flawless references are not enough.

You need to introduce yourself as the ideal tenant,  someone who wants a long term tenancy, has a good rental history that shows they pay rent on time and shows that they take great care of past properties (received bond back at end of tenancies).  A covering letter with your application is a great way to demonstrate this.

Below are tips from Paul Hill Realty on how you can have a triumphant rental application:

Ensure You Have All the Right Documentation

The real estate agents at Paul Hill Realty will provide you with a list of documents that you need to provide with an application.  Be prepared. and bring the filled out application form, pet reference(s) if applicable, references, payslips (proof of employment), photo identification and a cover letter.

Ensure you have these documents and the application prepared to submit to the real estate agent on the day of the inspection; it shows your immediate interest and that you are an organised person.

Cover Letter

Most landlords don’t require a cover letter, but preparing one can set you apart from other applicants and increase your chances of securing a rental. Initial impressions matter and connecting a cover letter to your rental application could be the additional detail that puts you in front of the competition.

The cover letter ought to be formal with some of your personality radiating through. Start by writing a few paragraphs about who you are, what do you do for a living and perhaps even for the reason for your move. You need to have a rundown of everyone who will be living in the property, detail who you are and why you would be the ideal tenants for the property you are applying for.

Also, give a brief overview of your rental history and make mention of any pets. If applying for a number of properties, tailor each of the cover letters and if you have time you could even mention the features of the property that appeals to you the most.

Rental History

Realizing you have a good rental history is quite possibly the most important factor for property managers and landlords.

Giving a good rental history demonstrates you paid the rent on time, looked after the property and were easy to deal with on matters such as repairs or inspections, this will assist real estate agents to assess quickly whether you are a suitable tenant.

The stronger picture you can give of your rental history, the more chance you will be chosen. Rental history includes your current and previous rental information such as the address of the rented premises, lease start and end dates, amount of rent and details of the landlord/manager.

Discovering your history ahead of time and clear up any nasty surprises or rental discrepancies prior to applying, to improve your odds.

Payslips and Bank Statements

Having a constant and reliable source of income will certainly thrill landlords and ease worries over missed payments. Your rental application needs to incorporate some recent payslips and bank statements to show that you are not only employed, but you can also easily manage the cost of the property you are applying for.

These are particularly significant if you have never rented before, as they show you are less inclined to default on your rent in the future. Keep in mind the property manager or landlord may contact your employer/ supervisor to ensure that you are still working there, so it’s a good idea to warn them.

Photo Identification

It may seem like an apparent part of the application, yet including photo identification forthright can make it simpler for landlords and property managers. Going through rental applications requires some serious energy, so the more information a tenant gives from the get-go, the more probable they are to be considered.

Documents may include:

  • Photo identification – Drivers licence/passport/proof of age card
  • Medicare card
  • Centrelink statement

Reference Letters

Any proof from past landlords or an employer saying you are honest and dependable is gold on a rental application. Character references don’t need to belong. However, they need to be positive, relevant and come from credible sources.

Pet-friendly rentals are highly competitive so it’s beneficial to have your pet’s reference prepared from your past property manager/ landlord.

Save Time and Apply Online

Where possible disregard printing, scanning, photocopying, etc and fill and complete an online application form instead.

The best bit? Once you’ve filled in your details, you can often use that same form to apply for however many properties as you like. Which greatly reduces the measure of time you spend on each individual application.

The online platform incorporates a paid feature that permits you to verify your identity and prove to prospective landlords that you have never been on a tenancy blacklist, as well.

Get Your Roommates into Gear

Your roommates don’t need to go to the property inspection (admittedly this is favourable), yet you need to get their full and completed application and references.

Your rental application has a better chance of being top of the pile if you have a complete set of documentation for all members of the household. As real estate agents are probably not going to waste their time pursuing other applicants (the competition) for important information.

Apply online straight after the inspection and you sidestep the application heap altogether; your information will not get lost, nor put to the side.

Just submit the necessary documents. It’s fine to have additional documents if think you may need them on hand, but only submit what the real estate agent requests.

Be on Time for Rental Inspections

Punctuality is common courtesy. Holding an open house can be quite stressful and normally real estate agents work alone. Which means they’re exceptionally busy on the day.

If you’re all set when they show up, they may recall these great habits when the opportunity arrives to pick a tenant from al the rental agreements.

Be Respectable at Rental Inspection

You don’t have to wear a suit, yet it’s imperative to look respectable. It shows you are quick to get the property and that you are treating the application process seriously. Looking like you mean business gives off an impression of responsibility, which is great in the eyes of the real estate agent.

Be Sensible and Charming Upon the Arrival of the inspection

Be pleasant – not pushy – to get in the agent’s good books.

If you’re the solitary individual applying to reside in the property, this could give you some additional elbowroom to request for property maintenance or a reduction in rent. However, in case you’re facing another dozen individuals, you will not be in a situation to make demands.

Follow up

If you have submitted an application and haven’t heard anything 48 hours after the fact. Then send a follow-up message to the real estate agent.

Tell them you’re extremely interested in the property and that you’re glad to give any extra information or references they may require.

They might be making a decision between you and one other, and if they receive a charming follow-up message from you, that may be sufficient to turn the competition in your favour.

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