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Moving-Saving Tips from Paul Hill Realty Hope Island

Moving homes doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. There are opportunities and savings to be found around every corner.

Getting competitive quotes, selling your unwanted items and simply getting organised are all ways you can save a little coin when moving house.

Below Paul Hill Realty Hope Island has shared their top money-saving tips for your move:

1. Plan Ahead

Similarly as with all budgeting, if you have a good idea of what you might spend, so you will have a good idea of what you need to save.

Plan ahead and comprehend what every one of your outlay expenses is. Have a checklist of what you need to do and what the expenses will be so there are no hidden expenses that will pop up. These ‘outlays’ incorporate expenses costs for movers, lawyers or cleaners, a bond if you’re renting, etc.

In the event that you need to pay for a removalist, get some competitive quotes because they do fluctuate quite a bit. With some of the removal services – various times of year equate to different costs, while different days are also priced differently. So, if you can choose the day you move, pick an off-peak day.

In view of that, inquire from your removalist whether there are various days or times that are less expensive.

2. Declutter Ahead of the Move

Declutter and you could either bring in cash from selling a portion of your things or essentially saving your self money moving or storing things you don’t really utilise. Haven’t used it in a year? Then get don’t move it to your new home.

This will in general take some forward-thinking too, so begin going through each room months in ahead of time. Take items to a charity store, or start listing items online (e.g. Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace) well in advance to allow people the chance to inspect or bid on them.

3. Compare Utility Providers

If you’re moving, it’s a good time to compare your utility providers. It doesn’t hurt to try to get a good deal! There might be a chance to improve the current plan or get a better rate with your new area.

4. Source Free Packing Material

Never pay for boxes! You can always get them for free from supermarkets and retailers just by asking, checking Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace or asking friends and family.

Additionally, use what you have around the house e.g. suitcases or backpacks if you’re taking them with you anyway.

5. Do It Yourself

You don’t have to get removalists. Hire a van or truck, and pack as much as you can yourself. Also, ask people to help you, you’d be shocked at the number of people who would be willing to help.

Remember by hiring removalists to move your stuff you will be paying an hourly rate, while friends and family will help you because they love you or the offer of some food and drink at the end.

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